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How A Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help

A dog attack is an often unexpected, horrifying experience. If you’ve been injured by a dog bite, you’ve likely suffered physical, emotional, and psychological trauma. This trauma has likely led to a host of complications for you and your loved ones–missed work, medical procedures, new medications, and more.

If you need a dog bite lawyer in Philadelphia, look no further than Cousin Benny. Our dog bite lawyers have over 25 years of collective experience representing dog bite victims in Philadelphia. Cousin Benny knows what it takes to get our clients the compensation they deserve for any pain and suffering caused by vicious dog attacks.

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Getting You the Compensation You Deserve

Almost two decades of experience in litigating and negotiating dog attack cases has given Cousin Benny confidence in our ability to represent you successfully. We are experienced injury lawyers in Philadelphia, and we know how to fight for our clients, getting them as much compensation as possible for their dog bite claims.

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Why Choose Us For Your Dog Bite Case?

Dog bite cases are a realm of injury law, and Cousin Benny knows Philadelphia injury law. Our superior legal knowledge and experience has helped us win dog bite cases for almost two decades, and we’re just getting started!

Whether it’s negotiating, arguing, or calling expert witnesses to testify on your behalf, our dog bite lawyers will do everything in their power to seek justice in the wake of a dangerous dog attack. We’ll fight for you when no one else will.

Contact Cousin Benny today for a free consultation and see why we’re everyone says “We Treat Our Clients Like Family.”

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What To Do After Suffering a Dog Bite

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Dog attacks, even minor ones, can cause severe damage. Many dogs have sharp teeth and powerful jaws, which can cause extensive damage depending on the breed. Some breeds, like Pitbulls, can lock their jaws, applying maximum force and devastating pressure onto a limb or body part.

If a dog has attacked you, you need to seek medical attention immediately. Minor scrapes and cuts can become severely infected due to bacteria in a dog’s saliva. Call 9-1-1 to request an ambulance, if necessary, or have someone drive you to the nearest emergency room.

Report the Attack

Either before or during your hospital visit, be sure to contact the police to report the dog attack. Without a police report of the attack, it’ll be difficult to validate your claim–it’s only your word and recollection of the events to go by.

No matter the severity, be sure to take photo and video evidence of your injuries. Try to do this before you’re treated to show the honest severity of your injuries.

Contact an Attorney Who is Experienced in Dog Bite Claims

With the incident fresh in your mind, contact an attorney who is experienced in dog attack cases as soon as you can. Great dog bite lawyers in Philadelphia, like Cousin Benny, can act as your guide and coach in the complex process of getting compensation for your damages.

If you’ve been injured or harmed in any form from a dog bite or dog attack, contact Cousin Benny right away to find out how much your case is worth!

Damages You Can Recover in a Dog Bite Claim


Economic damages cause harm that results in an economic loss for the victim. For instance, dog attacks cause debilitating injuries, keeping victims away from the workplace and stifling their much-needed wages.

These damages can be tallied through documentation like invoices, medical bills, and anything that proves the dog attack caused a financial loss. The following are common examples of economic damages:


Non-economic damages refer to physiological harm that cannot be easily calculated. Physical and mental anguish falls under this category, as does anything that consists of damage that cannot be easily ascertained or quantified. 


In injury law, punitive damages are sought when a defendant committed a crime while harming the plaintiff in some manner. Punitive damages are criminal in nature and can result in the defendant being punished with fines, jail time, or loss of business license. When a victim files for punitive damages, they are essentially filing a criminal complaint against the defendant that carries severe implications if they are convicted.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Dog Bite Injuries?

First and foremost, a dog’s owner is liable for any damages caused by their dog. However, other individuals may be found negligent in the wake of a dog attack. The following are common defendants in dog bite cases:

Contact Cousin Benny today for a free consultation if you’re unsure who is responsible for the injuries you suffered in a dog bite attack. We’ll answer your questions regarding liability and tell you exactly how much your claim could be worth.

FAQs About Dog Bites in Pennsylvania

What Are PA’s Laws on Dog Bites?

What Are PA’s Laws on Dog Bites?

The Pennsylvania Dog Law Enforcement Office requires that dogs remain under owner control at all times. From their official website:

“All dogs must be under control and must not be allowed to run at large. Dogs are personal property, and owners are responsible for damages caused by their dog.”

A dog is determined to be dangerous if they fit the following criteria…

  • Inflicted severe injury on a human being without provocation on public or private property.
  • Killed or inflicted severe injury on a domestic animal, dog, or cat without provocation while off the owner’s property.
  • Attacked a human being without provocation.
  • Been used in the commission of a crime.

… AND the animal fits one or both of the following:

  • A history of attacking human beings or domestic animals, dogs or cats without provocation.
  • A propensity to attack human beings or domestic animals, dogs or cats without provocation.

If a dog is deemed “dangerous” by the PA state dog warden, the dog could be confiscated, and the owner could be found guilty of a first-degree misdemeanor.

No–Pennsylvania does not use the “one bite rule,” which states that dog owners are liable if they knew or should have known their dog was capable of attacking or harming someone.

Pennsylvania, instead, uses strict liability law when it comes to medical costs, which means an owner is liable for all the victim’s medical expenses without the victim having to show the dog owner was negligent.

Pennsylvania categorizes dog attacks based on the severity of injuries sustained. There are two kinds of injuries considered: severe and non-severe. 

  • Severe injuries result in broken bones or lacerations that require sutures or surgery. 
  • Non-severe injuries are not major by nature but can still be tried in a court of law. 

Two years–If you wait any longer than two years after you suffer injuries from a dog attack, you will not be able to sue the dog owner and seek compensation for your damages.

Our Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyers Fight For Victims of Serious Bite Injuries

A great Philadelphia dog bite lawyer, like Cousin Benny, fights tirelessly for your rights in a court of law because innocent victims deserve effective legal representation. We won’t quit trying to get you the compensation you deserve until every option and every argument is exhausted. Contact Cousin Benny today for a free consultation and find out how much your dog bite case is worth!
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