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How Our Injury Lawyers Help You

Our experienced injury lawyers in Northeast Philadelphia are committed to helping you get the justice you deserve. You can count on us to treat you like family and handle your case with sincerity, hard work, and professionalism. We don’t back down from big insurance companies and NEVER accept less than maximum value for your case. You deserve more than a throwaway settlement and empty promises. At Cousin Benny, we’ll give your injury case the care and attention it deserves.

Northeast Philadelphia Injury Lawyer

Why Choose Cousin Benny?

At Cousin Benny, we do everything we can to ensure our clients are diligently represented. Your injury attorney will handle every aspect of your case, all while delivering our “Cousin Benny” family service. We believe you’re more than just another case, and our legal team will do whatever it takes to not only manage your legal situation but make you feel like you’re surrounded by people who actually care..

We Treat Our Clients Like Family

Legal proceedings are stressful and challenging to manage on your own. At Cousin Benny, our compassionate legal team will support you like you’re a part of our family, so you never have to feel alone while you pursue your case.

NO Fee Until You Win

We take injury cases on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless you do. Call Cousin Benny today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. We look forward to discussing your case with you.

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Ian Carn
Brian was excellent very detailed and personable
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Very thorough and professional
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Fiaunna Bertha
Brain was the investigator assigned to my accident case. He was incredibly pleasant. He examined the videos and pictures that I presented to him. He provided excellent support and guidance. Thank you for all the assistance.
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Types of Injury Claims We Handle

Our Northeast Philadelphia attorneys handle a wide range of injury claims so you have an experienced legal team to rely on when something goes wrong. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, our Northeast Philadelphia car accident lawyers fully assess your situation and aggressively advocate for you to be properly compensated based on any short or long-term repercussions. Our slip and fall lawyers fully investigate your case to determine who is at fault, and pursue your case so you can receive maximum compensation for your injuries. 

The attorneys at Cousin Benny also handle dog bites cases, premises liabilityconstruction accident, motorcycle, rideshare, and truck accident cases in Northeast Philadelphia, so you are properly compensated for the negligence of others.

Damages Available in a Injury Lawsuit

Compensation in Northeast Philadelphia injury cases can vary based on the injuries sustained and the type of accident. A injury plaintiff may be eligible for compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, and pain and suffering. These damages typically fall into two categories: compensatory, and non compensatory damages. If the defendants’ conduct was particularly egregious, the court may impose punitive damages.

In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the financial costs you incur because of someone’s negligence are called compensatory damages. These include medical bills, such as the costs of tests, procedures, treatments, medications, hospital stays, and therapies. It can also include the costs of any special equipment you may require because of an injury, like a wheelchair, and the costs of any modifications you must make to your home to accommodate your injury. It can also include compensation for lost wages due to missed work or a diminished ability to work, as well as recovery for any property damage.

Non-compensatory damages include compensation for emotional suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, persistent physical pain, disfigurement, and loss of companionship if your injury changed your relationship with your spouse.

The court awards punitive damages when the actions of the defendants are particularly reckless, or without any regard for the safety of others. These damages are meant to punish the defendant and serve as a deterrent to prevent others from acting similarly in the future. As a general rule, punitive damages are limited to twice the amount of compensatory damages received in Pennsylvania.

Determining Negligence in a Injury Claim

To determine negligence in a injury claim, you must first prove that the person you are accusing owed you a duty of care, they breached that duty of care, and said breach caused your damages. 

Pennsylvania follows the doctrine of modified comparative negligence wherein each party is apportioned a percentage of fault in the injury case. A plaintiff’s monetary judgment is reduced by the percentage of negligence assigned to the plaintiff by the jury. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a injury plaintiff can only seek damages from a defendant if the plaintiff is less than 51 percent at fault for the accident.

Pennsylvania Injury Laws

In Pennsylvania, you have up to two years to file either a injury or property damage claim. This requirement only applies to the filing of your paperwork, as your case does not need to be completed in that same time frame. If you’ve suffered an injury and you believe someone else is responsible, call the attorneys at Cousin Benny today so we can help get the justice you deserve.

Let Our Experienced Northeast Philadelphia Injury Attorneys Help You

When you work with our Northeast Philadelphia injury lawyers, we make sure you feel comfortable and secure throughout the process. Our attorneys will stay in constant communication as we pursue your interests, so you know exactly how your case is progressing at every stage. You can rest assured that your injury case is being handled by a skilled team of experts and legal professionals from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Injury

How Much Does a Injury Lawyer in Northeast Philadelphia Cost?

You shouldn’t have to pay a thing when you get started with our injury attorneys in Northeast Philadelphia. When your case settles or you receive a money judgment from the court, your injury attorney gets a portion of that payout according to your retainer agreement. At Cousin Benny, you’ll know what our fee is the minute we take your case.

When making a injury claim in Northeast Philadelphia, the Statute of Limitations states that you have up to 2 years following the initial incident to file a claim. After this point, you will no longer be able to pursue legal action for a injury.

injury settlements can vary depending on the extent of your injuries, and the specific kind of case being pursued. The low-end of injury payouts can be just a few thousand dollars, but if a situation is particularly severe, it could be much higher. The average for injury settlements will often fall between $3,000 and $75,000.

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